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John Bremner presents about Stress Reduction
6/12/17 Stress Reduction
42 photos - updated 6/14/2017
Pictures of ER event on April 10, 2017
4/10/17-Finding Money
13 photos - updated 5/12/2017
Still images captured at this event.  Presenters are Brad Farris and Joseph Flesh.
3/13/17 Human Capital
37 photos - updated 3/24/2017
Still images of event
2/13/17 Terry Howerton-Vision
37 photos - updated 2/17/2017
Digital strategy-marketing-and-technology pioneer, Christopher Rollyson, shows how to best innovate with social business while mitigating risk.
10/10/16-Social Technology
27 photos - updated 10/12/2016
Images taken at this program which featured two volunteers who are working to:1.  Enhance business development in Illinois, and 2.  Developing admin details for a new savings program.
9/12/16 State Economic Dev. Programs
38 photos - updated 9/14/2016
Presentation and Q&A with Jake Crampton, CEO and founder of Medspeed.
8/8/16 - Jake Crampton and Medspeed
56 photos - updated 8/9/2016
Still images of presenters:  Jonathan Brereton, CEO, Accion Chicago Chaoran Jin, Principal, Keystone Capital
7/11/16 - Alternative Financing
32 photos - updated 7/14/2016
Experts on business sale, purchase, valuation, and deal structure help you figure out how to prepare a business for sale, to identify potential purchasers and sellers, to find loan money, etc.
6/13/16 - Buy/Sell Biz
67 photos - updated 6/17/2016
Scott Brave of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago reviews regional and national economic statistics.
5/9/16 Chicago Federal Reserve Outlook
21 photos - updated 5/11/2016
Presentation:  Knowing Others As Yourself.  Presenter:  Dr. Nicholas Epley
4/18/16 - Knowing Others
50 photos - updated 4/21/2016
Photos of Panelists and audience at this event.
3/21/16 - Social Enterprise
67 photos - updated 3/22/2016
Images of Event
2/15/16 Energy_Water Investment
28 photos - updated 2/17/2016
Still photos of presenter and audience.
1/18/16 - A Mid-Life Re-Invention and IPO
56 photos - updated 1/21/2016
5 Panelist discuss things to consider if you want to sell your company to Chinese investors.
12/21/15 - Selling Company to Chinese Investors
55 photos - updated 12/23/2015
Still photos taken at this event on 11/16/15 in Wheaton, IL
11/16/15 - Living Your Passion in Biz
69 photos - updated 11/18/2015
Event images.  Linus Schrage, Professor Emeritus, Chicago Booth, presents
8/17/15 - Biz Analytics
48 photos - updated 8/18/2015
Still images of presenter.
7/20/15- Pricing Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
31 photos - updated 8/12/2015
June 15, 2015 Presentations for JV financing and assessments by judges.
6/15/15 - Pitches for Joint Venture Financing
109 photos - updated 6/18/2015
Still photos of May 18 event.  Presenter is:  Presenter:  Scott Brave, Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
5/18/15-Chgo Fed Economic Update
22 photos - updated 5/21/2015
Thee speakers, longtime experts in seeing around foreign corners, will discuss how external sales can turbo-charge business growth. Resources and lessons.
4/20/15 - International Business
48 photos - updated 4/24/2015
Event on 3/16/15 At IIT campus in Wheaton.  Tim Nelson discussed business focus.
3/16/15 Pareto’s 80/20 - Striking Gold Underfoot
21 photos - updated 3/26/2015
Arabel Alva Rosales – President/CEO, AAR and Associates LTD  and Ava Youngblood Founder, CEO, Youngblood Executive Search, Entrepreneurs
2/16/15 - Minority Business – Filling The Empowerment Glass
27 photos - updated 2/23/2015
John Tillman, CEO, Illinois Policy Institute discusses fiscal issues facing the State of Illinois.
1/19/15 Making Elections Count
14 photos - updated 2/9/2015
John Flavin presents Chicago Innovation Exchange
11/17/14-Chicago Innovation Excahange
7 photos - updated 12/10/2014
What is being done to develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based enterprises in Illinois.  Speakers:  John Banta, Exec Dir, BCBS Venture Partners and Mark Harris, CEO ISTC.
10/20/14-Growing STEM Enterprises in IL
18 photos - updated 11/8/2014
Still photos of Jeff Gonyo, Managing Director at Geneva Glen Capital presenting to ER on: How Executives Successfully Partner With Private Equity.
9/15/14 - How Execs Work with PE
11 photos - updated 10/2/2014
Award-winning multi-media artist and serial entrepreneur who coaches on accelerated growth team up for a creativity workshop to increase business visibility and adaptability.
8/18/14 - Making Creativity Work - Artistry in Business
21 photos - updated 9/9/2014
Still photos of the 7/21/14 ER event.  Presentation by Scott Brave, Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
7/21/14 - Economic Outlook from the Chicago Fed
9 photos - updated 8/7/2014
Images of the event
6/16/14 - How to Buy/Sell Business
25 photos - updated 7/4/2014